Bābu regains his pupils after consuming the poisonous leaves of the hydrangea.

Bābu is the Furuya family cat, taken in by them when Chihiro Furuya was younger, after his and Mero Furuya's mother left. Bābu was hit by Chihiro's neighbour in a car accident, killing him on spot in front of Chihiro's eyes. However, because Bābu had filled the void left by the absence of his mother, Chihiro decided to attempt to resurrect Bābu with an old manuscript he found at an unnamed relative's house, while he and his family were sorting books to donate. After three days of attempting to make a potion to bring Bābu back from the dead, Chihiro meets Rea Sanka, who suggests he try the only other poisonous plant he has not tried; Hydrangea. Chihiro tells Rea that if this last potion doesn't resurrect Bābu that he will re-bury him. After giving Bābu the potion, he was disappointed to see that there was no improvement. After waiting for a few minutes, Chihiro gave up, packed Bābu back in the ice box, and went home. Only after he gets home and Ranko Saōji bullies him and forces him to open the fishing box does Bābu show that he is back to life. Bābu with a crooked tail and crimped whiskers, complete with vacant glowing eyes jumps towards the moon. He must constantly consume the Hydrangea leaves, like Rea, in order to prolong the effects of the resurrection potion.
Babus funeral

Bābu's original funeral in the anime, with an offering of hydrangea, oblivious to its purpose in the potion.


Bābu is first introduced in a fishing box packed with ice, with a white bandage tied into a bunny-bow around his torso.

Bābu is a gray-black cat, with a darker tail with a fluffy pompom like end. He has a small body with black feet and a round face, with large eyes with dark slits for pupils (which are yellow and red), which reappear after he consumes the hydrangea regularly.

Bābu before reanimated


  • Bābu is named after the noise he makes as a meow.
  • He has a permanent blocked nose after living on the streets until he became a permanent member of the Furuya household.
  • Bābu can sit on his hind-legs, shown when he is eating the plant leaves.
  • Bābu has a habit of sitting on Mero Furuya's head.
  • Bābu often pukes a ball of hydrangea leaves after he done eating it, similar to how live cats cough up hair balls.
  • As a zombie cat, Bābu is quite strong; he can beat a fox that was larger than him as if it was nothing.
  • In episode 13, "Sankarea: Wagahai mo... Zombie de Aru...", Bābu narrates from his point of view.

Bābu imageEdit

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