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"Strong... Affections" (強い…思い… lit. "Tsuyoi... Omoi..." ) is the tenth episode of the Sankarea anime.

Synopsis Edit

As Chihiro is strapped to a chair waiting for Dan'ichirō to call for him, he meets Dan'ichirō's wife and Rea's stepmother, Aria. Aria explains how she had joined the Sanka family as a maid in the hope of winning Dan'ichirō's love. However, Dan'ichirō instead fell in love with a 15-year-old girl who inevitably died after giving birth to Rea. Although Aria was eventually able to marry Dan'ichirō, he was more focused on Rea than her. Aria later learned the truth that Dan'ichirō's feelings for Rea are not because of fatherly love, but because of her resemblance to her mother. As Rea rushes towards the mansion, Chihiro is brought before Dan'ichirō, who becomes determined to protect Rea.

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