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"At That Moment... I..." (あの瞬間…俺は… lit. "Ano Shunkan... Ore wa..." ) is the twelfth and final episode of the Sankarea anime.

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While Chihiro is still trying to find a way to preserve Rea's body, Rea expresses her interest in a fireworks festival poster on the side of a light pole and mentions that she used to watch the fireworks from her mansion when she was very young and wishes to watch them up close. Chichiro, understanding her meaning, agrees to take her to the festival the next day. But as Mero had mentioned to Chihiro about how Rea wanted to go to school, the rain cancels the fireworks festival, though Ranko suggests that they hold a smaller fireworks session at the shrine. As Ranko helps Rea change into a yutaka, she confesses she is in love with Chihiro and wants Rea to be her love rival. Later that afternoon, when Rea and Chihiro decide to start going to school again they stop by the old bowling building which brought back memories for the two of them. Rea, overcome by her combined instinct of love and happyness from her new entity, enters into a trance and jumps on Chihiro, biting his lip in the process. This plays a key role in turning Chihiro into a zombie since Rea passed the "other half" of the poison on to him.

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