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"Body of a Zombie... Heart of a..." (身はゾンビに…心は… lit. "Mi wa Zonbi ni... Kokoro wa...") is the third OVA of the Sankarea anime.

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As Aria feels lonely without Dan'ichirō, she falls asleep in the bath. Meanwhile, Chihiro and his family discover a strange girl lying under their temple, who doesn't appear to want to say a word to anyone. When Rea searches for her when it is time for dinner, she is pushed down the stairs. The next day, they discover all the nearby hydrangea leaves have been torn apart, and later that night Rea spots the girl making a move on Chihiro. As Rea suspects the girl of being behind the incidents, the girl hits herself to place blame on Rea. As Chihiro backs Rea up on her suspicions, the girl reveals herself to be Aria who reigns hail down everywhere. The whole thing is perceived to be a dream by Aria, who fell asleep in the bath, and as a dream by Rea, who is surprised to find Chihiro had the same dream.

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