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"Sanka... Rea" (さんか…れあ) is the third episode of the Sankarea anime. It aired on April 19, 2012 on TBS.

Synopsis Edit

As Rea awakens to find her suicide attempt has failed, she overhears Dan'ichiro plotting to castrate Chihiro. As Rea sneaks out in order to warn Chihiro, Chihiro chases after the resurrected Bub to a hydrangea field, where he spots Rea at the top of a cliff. As Dan'ichiro approaches her, Rea decides to stand against him before Bābu climbs up there as well. As Dan'ichiro prepares to attack Bub, Rea takes the attack and is knocked off the cliff, tearing her stomach on a tree branch and dying. However, because of the potion she drank, she comes back to life as a zombie.

Plot Edit

Major Events Edit

  • Rea dies and returns to life as a zombie.

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

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