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"Being a Zombie... Means..." (ゾンビって…コトは… "Zonbitte... Koto wa...") is the fifth episode of the Sankarea anime. It aired on May 3, 2012 on TBS.

Synopsis Edit

As Chihiro tries to think of a way to preserve Rea's body, he hides her in his closet whilst he cleans the temple, where he hears from Jogoro that he was the one who originally made the resurrection potion. As Ranko looks in Chihiro's room for some DVDs, she is suddenly pounced on by Rea who starts fondling her. As Chihiro pulls Rea off of her, she grabs and kisses him.

Plot Edit

Major Events Edit

  • Jogoro reveals he is the inventor of the resurrection potion
  • Ranko discovers Rea.
  • Rea kisses Chihiro.

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

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