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"Fake...Freedom..." (偽りの…自由… "Itsuwari no... Jiyū") is the eighth episode of the Sankarea anime.

Synopsis Edit

Rea starts eating with the rest of the Furuya family while Chihiro continues with his zombie observation. Eventually Rea demands that Chihiro should make her wish come true by taking her shopping in return for letting him film her. Meanwhile Ranko bathes with Mero and her friends to let out her anger. Rea and Chihiro continue with their visit at the mall. Furuya learns that zombies can't cry tears. Eventually Chihiro goes to buy food and his friend finds Rea eating her leaves. As the friend tries to drag Rea outside, Rea's father henchmen attempt to abduct her but end up being defeated by her insane power. The episode ends with the henchmen capturing Chihiro.

Plot Edit

Major Events Edit

Characters Edit

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