Jogoro Furuya


Personal Info
Name (Kanji) 降谷 茹五郎
Name (Romaji) Furuya Jogorō
Gender Male
Classification Half-Zombie (deceased)
Occupation Retired
Voiced By Shirō Saitō (Japanese)
Mike McFarland (English)
Anime Episode 1

Jogorō Furuya is the grandfather of Chihiro and Mero. He is the creator of the resurrection potion, although his past is a mystery. It is quite possible that he is also a zombie too since he will occasionally eat
Jogoro Freaked

Jogorō when told what's really in the day's dish.

hydrangea leaves to keep his body from developing Rigor Mortis. He seems to fear his past a lot because he shows signs similar to dementia resulting from the resurrection concoction after he was bitten during his scientific researches. He proves to have knowledge on the implications of the "resurrection" and tells Chihiro that Rea was indeed special when she regained her humanity after dying from the gash in her stomach. Jogoro has died as of chapter 51 of the manga.


He is an extremely short, elderly man with light green skin, gray eyes, and white hair. He wears glasses.


Jogorō Furuya has had several wives in his long life. Including but not limited to Sada (first), Kyo (third) and Otoki (the frozen zombie).

Jogorou 1

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