Mero Furuya


Personal Info
Name (Kanji) 降谷 萌路
Name (Romaji) Furuya Mero
Age 12
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Voiced By Yuka Iguchi (Japanese)
Felecia Angelle (English)
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1

Mero is Chihiro Furuya's 12-year-old little sister. She is seemingly emotionless, but is actualy very lonely after her mother died and she still mourns her. She is a hard worker and is often seen sweeping around the house or doing household chores.


Mero is a short, petite girl with long, sky-blue hair, and dark grey eyes. She usually wears her school uniform and is also seen wearing the traditional white temple uniform for girl priests with a paper fold around her forehead.(the paper folded in a triangle USUALLY resembles a ghost)

Mero's Character Design

Mero's Character Design

Mero manga

Mero in the manga with her school outfit


Mero is very polite, probably taking off from her father, and is quite expressionless. She often displays a blank expression on her face and rarely changes it. Despite this, she loves her brother very much and is often teasing him. When Furuya was bedridden due to Rea's attack at the festival, she is seen in a frenzy due to her brother's state. It is stated that she is very responsible compared to her brother.


Mero at first is seen as the caretaker of the household, cooking and cleaning for the Furuya family. At the night of the barbeque, she teases her brother and sets up a test of courage in the forest. She partners up with Rea and explains that having watched Chihiro for twelve years, she's relieved he found Rea.


  • The white temple uniform and paper fold around her forehead also symbolizes japanese ghosts. Whether or not she likes dressing up as a ghost is debatable.
  • On chapter 12 of the manga Mero have some flashback of her mother after Rea touch her head, Mero even shout "mama" to Rea (this might happen because her mother and Rea have some similiarities) after she said that, Mero quickly blushed then ran away in embarassment.

Mero image galleyEdit

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