2017 was one hell of a year. We saw a lot of development, scandal, tragedy, and controversy, but let's just keep this related to the wiki.

Following my previous blog post, I tried to ditch infoboxes on the Sanka Family Maids article. As you can see, it's a mess. We might have to go back to the drawing board on this one. Meanwhile, there was slow progress on the volume pages due to a 'burnout'. I'll talk about this soon. On the other hand, we made more episode pages! I also updated the infobox to include more staff members. And yet, I still haven't watched the anime. A manual of style page has been made, though it's incomplete. I also made some CSS changes, but I'm not exactly satisfied with the results. This led to multiple revisions of CSS edits. If any of you were browsing during that time, sorry for the mess. Also we surpassed 2000 edits!

Earlier, I mentioned about having a 'burnout'. Basically, I was spending too much time focusing on Sankarea, and needed to take a break. During that time, I helped out with stuff at the New Game! Wikia. This, along with real life matters, helped for a bit. Honestly, I don't know where this wiki will end up. The story of Sankarea has concluded. All that's left is to fill in missing information in the wiki. I doubt the anime will ever get a second season. The first season has gone under the radar, so the series is relatively unknown. There's not a lot of active contributors. I'm not sure what else to do to keep the community active. I enabled the chat feature a while back, but it's not used very often. We could hold rewatches or re-reads every now and then, but as I said, there's very few active users, if any. I'm not sure what to do here anymore.

Well, that was somewhat depressing. Sorry about that! I was hoping to give a bright start to 2018, too. I might not be as active on this wiki anymore, but I should be able to contribute an edit or two every so often. As always, leave a comment or a message at my wall if you have any questions, opinions or whatever. 

~Your local zombie, BDZ. Happy New Year!