Hello there! It's me again, here to bring you some news/updates on the wiki.

Newer users and mobile users may not have noticed, but the wiki now has a new color scheme! This was actually unintentional. I wanted to create a wordmark for the wiki and began cropping out one of the english manga's cover. After meticulous editing and hours searching for a matching font, the wordmark was complete. The image was uploaded and I realized the colors didn't match. I was planning to use a green logo to match the wiki's theme, but I used a purple one instead. Whoops.

Not wanting to redo everything, I decided to change the entire theme of the wiki to purple. So there you have it.

I also updated the stub and spoiler templates to include an image, because it looks nice. Volume pages for the manga were also added, and I finished typing out the plot for volume 1. Unused/Redundant codes have been removed from many pages, reducing their size (I think). Most of the infoboxes have been updated too.

Due to real-life things happening, I wasn't able to make as much progess as I hoped. I planned to create more pages for missing characters (like Otoki, the Sanka maids) and locations (the Furuya temple, ZoMA, etc). And I still haven't finished re-reading the manga, and I've yet to start watching the anime. Oh well. 

Truthfully, the wiki being small and inactive is sort of a blessing. It's my first time being admin, so the wiki was a perfect place to experiment with stuff. I'm pretty much the only one editing stuff. I only noticed, like, two/three other user activities aside my own. And they were all comments/replies on articles. Maybe this wiki really is dead.

There were probably some other things I didn't mention here. You can see my edits and my contribution page. Like before, if you have any objections or questions, go to my wall and leave a nice message. Here's to more content for the wiki! *raises a glass of water*

This was your admin,  BrainDeadZero (chat) 13:56, December 14, 2017 (UTC)